Classic Frame Electric Fireplaces

Classic Frame electric fireplaces are vent free, award winning options for decorative additions to your home. Home Furniture Savings chooses to provide Classic Frame electric fireplace inserts along with only a few other select brands of electric fireplaces because they choose only the best quality for you. Since this high-end brand only works with the top finish suppliers in the world, excellence is and should be expected.
Solution to Every Fireplace Need
Classic Frame electric fireplace inserts from Home Furniture Savings are the solution to adding a fireplace to any room in your house. Regardless of whether you are currently in the building process or if your house is several years old, you can insert electric fireplaces into your kitchen, dining room, living room, office or bedroom at a low cost. Prices for Classic Frame fireplaces can range anywhere from $383.04 to $1,999.04 depending upon size and style. This broad price range will ensure that there are Classic Frame electric fireplaces available to meet anyone’s needs at Home Furniture Savings.
Many Varieties
While Classic Frame electric fireplaces encompass several collections, it can be very simple to break down the categories to quickly locate which will best fit your needs. There are several collections worthy of your consideration including the Regency Petit Foyer, the Glendale corner electric fireplace and TV stand as well as the Phoenix corner collection. Classic Frame electric fireplaces from Home Furniture Savings come with a fantastic variety of finishing colors and sizes that will leave no customer unsatisfied.
The fantastically wide array of size and finish options for Classic Frame electric fireplaces at Home Furniture Savings are listed as follows:
33” Wall Mantels
· Avignon rose cherry
· Avignon burnished Oak
· Augusta Antique Mahogany
· Augusta Antique Oak
· Florence Heritage Cherry
28” Wall Mantels
· Grand Canyon Stacked Stone
· Saranac Roasted Cherry
· Annapolis Mahogany
· Artesian White
· Gossamer Antique Ivory
· Montebello Mahogany
· Potomac Faux River Rock
· San Marco Antique Walnut
· Williamsburg Roasted Walnut
23” Wall Mantels
· Phoenix Premium Oak
· Phoenix Burnished Walnut
· Phoenix White
· Flagstone Stacked Stone
· Scottsdale Antique Mahogany
The many finishing colors of premium hardwoods available with Classic Frame electric fireplaces leaves no doubt that you can find several options to match your color scheme. Selecting Classic Frame electric fireplace inserts promises not only a lush look and feel to your insert but also complete attention to every detail.